Ugly Pineapple

You know that weird, salivating thing you do when you eat pineapple, or when you think about eating pineapple? Well that’s how I feel about an inclusion of a story of mine in this great little zine (in this metaphor, I am the mouth and this zine the pineapple and it’s a good kind of salivating and doesn’t just mean that I am about to put something in my mouth that is good at breaking down proteins and amino acids).

‘Ugly Pineapple is a sickly sweet super zine filled with art, poetry, prose and design. Its light and refreshing, but mind the spikes.’

If you like what you see, and you want some fine fiction (my story is called ‘Display Mode’), be sure to check out Ugly Pineapple’s website here, buy a copy of the zine here and follow them on facebook here.


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