TEXT: Special Issue #44

I’m delighted than an article I co-wrote with Shady Cosgrove appears in the current Special Issue of TEXT.

TEXT is an academic journal published by the Australasian Association of Writing Programs, and this special issue is full of thoughtful examinations of what the academic component of higher degree research in Creative Writing can entail. I am sure this special issue will be incredibly helpful for current and would-be PhD candidates in Creative Writing. I particularly enjoyed Katrina Finlayson, Jeri Kroll and Annabelle Murphy’s ‘The potential of the exegesis and the challenge of symbiosis‘.

From the introduction by editors Craig Batty and Donna Lee Brien:

This Special Issue asks: what does the creative writing PhD exegesis look like today? Related questions include whether it is still – and, indeed, if it ever was – called an exegesis across all, or most, institutions; and does it still primarily exist as a separate, written document that accompanies the creative work? Representing a series of key institutions and creative writing academics across Australia, this Special Issue of TEXT draws together supervisors and candidates to reflect upon and provide rich, experience-based accounts of what the exegesis looks like and how it functions today. One of the aims of this is to start to think about the future of the form; indeed, where the exegesis might go next.

I’d like to thank Craig and Donna for the hard work that went in to coordinating this issue. I would also sincerely like to thank Shady Cosgrove, the best gosh-darn PhD supervisor a human-type person could hope for. Read our article ‘Both Sides Now: The Fearless Exegesis’ here. TEXT is a free open-access journal, so anyone, anywhere can read it for free!


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