Wednesday 21 April, In-conversation with Rick Morton

Image: The cover of Rick Morton's My Year of Living Vulnerably is in the centre of the picture. The cover is hot pink and orange, and stands out against the black background. On the left of the image is a photo of Rick Morton, a man in glasses with a short beard who is looking out of shot. On the right is a picture of Hayley Scrivenor, a woman with short, dark hair and glasses.

Rick Morton’s latest book is a feat of vulnerability, an ode to love (in all its forms), and somehow both deeply invested in unfolding the intricacies of human pain while very often being snort-out-loud funny. I’m delighted to be speaking to him in an event from the lovely folks at Collins Booksellers, Thirroul.

Wednesday 21 April, 18:30-20:00

Ryan’s Hotel Thirroul (cocktail lounge upstairs), 138 Phillip St, Thirroul NSW 2515

Contact the bookshop directly for bookings.