Upcoming event – Bloody Scotland, UK.

Friday 16 September 2022, 10.30am.

I’m very excited for my first international writers’ festival for Dirt Town! I’ll be travelling to Stirling, near Edinburgh, and I can’t wait for this discussion.

“This event, author Alex Gray’s choices as the best debuts of the year, is quickly becoming one of the most coveted spots in crime fiction festivals – for authors, readers and publishers Hayley’s Scrivenor’s atmospheric debut Dirt Town set in rural Australia is the riveting story of a missing schoolgirl. Trauma, grief and redemption are at the heart of Rebecca Pert’s poignant Shetland-set first novel Still Waters. Breakneck Point is the first, but surely not the last novel featuring CSI Ally Dymond, the brilliant creation of T. Orr Munro. Murdered orphans are the haunting heart of The Homes, the powerful debut from J.B. Mylet, inspired by a true story.”

You can find out more, and book tickets, below: