Dirt Creek makes the 2023 Barry Awards Best First Mystery Crime Novel shortlist

Dirt Creek has been nominated for Best First Mystery or Crime Novel by a panel of crime and mystery experts, thanks to the Deadly Pleasures Online Mystery Magazine. Winners will be announced at the Opening Ceremonies of San Diego Bouchercon on August 31, 2023. As stated on the Deadly Pleasures website:

“All readers of Deadly Pleasures are qualified to vote. Please submit votes to george@deadlypleasures.com by July 24, 2023.”

Nominees include:
BEFORE YOU KNEW MY NAME, Jacqueline Bublitz (Atria/EmilyBestler)
DON’T KNOW TOUGH, Eli Cranor (Soho Crime)
SHUTTER, Ramona Emerson (Soho Crime)
THE MAID, Nita Prose (Ballantine)
BLOOD SUGAR, Sascha Rothchild (Putnam)
DIRT CREEK, Hayley Scrivenor (Flatiron)

I am very grateful to the judges and Deadly Pleasures, and thank them for honouring Dirt Creek in such a rich year for mystery writing!