Dirt Town makes CrimeFest Debut Crime Novel shortlist

Dirt Town has been nominated for Crimefest Bristol‘s Specsavers Crime Fiction Debut Award! The award is for a crime novel by debut author first published in the United Kingdom in 2022. I find myself in some truly excellent company!

Nominees include:

– Amen Alonge for A Good Day to Die (Quercus)
– Graham Bartlett for Bad for Good (Allison & Busby)
– Nita Prose for The Maid (HarperCollins)
– Oriana Rammuno (translator: Katherine Gregor) for Ashes in the Snow (HarperCollins)
– Joachim B. Schmidt (translator: Jamie Lee Searle) for Kalmann (Bitter Lemon)
– Hayley Scrivenor for Dirt Town (Macmillan)
– John Sutherland for The Siege (Orion Fiction)
– Stacy Willingham for A Flicker in the Dark (HarperCollins)

I am very grateful to the organisers, and to Specsavers (who have been helping me see for the last seven years or so!) It’s lovely to have my novel acknowledged in this way.